What Is Smoking Costing You?

stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds true cost of smoking

When I ask someone what smoking is costing them their initial thoughts go straight to money.  Now don’t get me wrong money is a factor for many people.  The cost of a pack of cigs has gone up so much […]

Tips For Stoptober 2015

stop smoking leeds stoptober

If you are stopping smoking for Stoptober and going it alone here are some handy hints that you can use to stop and stay stopped.   My advice to you is to watch it through once and then go back […]

Campaign Supports Smoking Ban in Cars

smoking ban in cars with children

The smoking ban in cars with children present has been voted in by Parliament and will be in place by 1st October 2015.  Anyone found to light up with a child under 18 in the car will be seen to […]

Did You Manage To Stop Smoking in Stoptober?

Hypnotherapy Leeds Stop Smoking

Many people have managed to stop smoking in Stoptober.  Did you?  The chances are that if you are reading this the answer is no.  You didn’t stop smoking. That’s ok though.  The date that you stop smoking is far less […]