Stopping Self Punishment

Hypnotherapy leeds - self punishment

One of the things that I see quite often as a therapist and also in life in general is self punishment.  People carrying out behaviours that are detrimental to themselves. If you are doing something like this then you are […]

Back In The Room My Thoughts

back in the room image 1

Back In The Room has been on tonight and here are my thoughts about it. First things first, what a funny hour it has been.  This is an example of a very good stage hypnosis show.  The people involved haven’t […]

Campaign Supports Smoking Ban in Cars

smoking ban in cars with children

The smoking ban in cars with children present has been voted in by Parliament and will be in place by 1st October 2015.  Anyone found to light up with a child under 18 in the car will be seen to […]

I Can’t Do It Because….

hypnotherapy leeds, excuses

All the time I hear people talking about all of the reasons why they can’t do this or they can’t do that.  While many think that they are giving out reasons as to why they can’t do something, most of […]