Hypnotherapy. Why You Should Choose Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Leeds Why Choose Hypnosis Image 3

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that can be used to help people with such a wide range of issues.  Hypnotherapy is most commonly used for things such as Stopping Smoking Weight Loss Anxiety Spider Phobias Other Fears and Phobias You […]

Exercising Your Emotions

exercising together to release your emotions

Looking for practical advice on how you can deal with your emotions more effectively?  Then read on….. We all have times when things happen to us and we feel upset, hurt or angry; we are all human after all.  The […]

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Leeds

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Leeds

Stop smoking hypnotherapy has been around for quite some time but with advances in hypnotherapeutic techniques it has become a really powerful way of helping someone to stop smoking.  When you find a stop smoking hypnotherapist who really knows what […]

My ALS / MND Ice Bucket Challenge


So today I have performed my ALS ice bucket challenge. Oh what a joy it was to be nominated. After seeing so many of my friends doing their ice bucket challenge on a sunny day nice and warm I thought […]